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Morimoto MM XB Hybrid Heads – F150 (2009-2014)


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SKU: LF552

Product Name: Morimoto MM XB Hybrid Heads – F150 (2009-2014)
Manufacturer: Morimoto
Manufacturer Part #: LF552
Black Diamond Unlimited Part #: MORLF552
Fitment Notes: 2009-2014 Ford F150

Hard to get:

Morimoto’s high-end headlights were released in late 2019 and have been in high demand ever since. They sold out immediately upon launch and have been on backorder since then.

F150 Owners’ Dedication to Quality :

12th generation F150 owners have shown two things. First, no other company has developed a headlight assembly worthy of the truck until Morimoto did it. Second, these owners are committed to investing in the best parts for their aging trucks. Morimoto’s new Hybrid version of the XB’s offers the best quality at a more affordable price.

Hybrid LED Lights:

Morimoto’s Hybrid LED lights use a combination of LED and incandescent bulbs, offering many of the same features as the original version. The LED daytime running light is bright and easily visible, and the optics used are identical to those of the high-end version.

OEM-Grade Quality:

The Hybrid headlights use the same OEM-grade housing as the high-end version, ensuring that they won’t fade or yellow over time. The diffuser for the DRL is the same smoked setup, but with an added amber LED side marker. They also come with a halogen turn signal bulb in the housing, and the same five-year warranty as the original.

Performance of the Hybrid Headlights:

The XB Hybrid headlights offer a powerful and bright LED low beam projector, as well as a dedicated LED high beam projector. The optics were specially developed to produce a high-quality beam pattern at an affordable price.

Superior Illumination:

Compared to stock reflector headlights with HID or LED kits, aftermarket F150 projector lights with HID or LED kits, and even the OEM Bi-xenon F150 headlights in later 12th gen trucks, the XB Hybrid headlights offer superior illumination. They may not be as bright as the high-end version with three projectors, but they are on par with most custom projector retrofits.

Street Legal and Easy Installation:

The Hybrid headlights are completely DOT-approved and meet or exceed all SAE, DOT, and FMVSS108 regulations when properly aimed. They are also designed to work on F150 trucks without any modifications, with only three connectors that plug and play with the factory wiring.

Easy Install:

The Hybrid LED headlights are designed to work on F150 trucks without any modifications. There are only three connectors that simply plug and play with the factory wiring.

F150 Facelift:

If you want to give your F150 a facelift and improve night visibility without the time or expense of a retrofit or higher-end version of the XB’s, the Hybrid LED headlights are the solution.


Morimoto is a globally recognized brand that sets the standard for aftermarket lighting upgrades in the automotive industry. Their vast product line covers the most popular trucks and cars, and they can create custom products if needed.






2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014

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