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K40 Platinum360 Front and Rear Radar Detection System – K40-360


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Key Features

  • Directional Awareness
  • The Latest Technology For Long Range Protection
  • OEM-Like Custom Installation
  • GPS Features
  • Advanced Filtering
  • Radar Band Selectivity
  • Highway And City Mode
  • Black Finish
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SKU: K40-360

K40 K40-360 Platinum360 Front and Rear Radar Detection System


Type: Built-In

Operating Bands: X-band: 10.500-10.550 GHz, K-band: 23.950-24.285, Ka-band: 33.400-36.000 GHz

GPS: Yes

X-Band Radar: 10.500 – 10.550 Ghz

K-Band Radar: 23.950 – 24.285 Ghz

Ka Wideband Radar: 33.4 – 36.00 Ghz

City/Highway Modes: Highway/ City/ Filter/ Auto


Approximate Weight:

Shipping Weight (lbs.): 4

Warranty Information:

Parts Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Labor Warranty: 1 Year Limited

Power Requirement: 10.05 – 16.0 Volts DC negative ground, 500 mA typical standby

Upgrade your driving experience with K40, the radar detector and company that puts your safety first. Say goodbye to distracting screens and fumbling for controls. With K40, you’ll have complete control right at your fingertips where you want it.

Experience the ultimate in radar detection technology with K40’s new LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receiver. This advanced system provides greater range and sensitivity, while also offering more customizable options for your unique driving style and environment. With K40, you can be sure that you’re investing in the most reliable radar detection system on the market, backed by a company that truly cares about your satisfaction. The future is here, and K40 is leading the way.


  • The Latest Technology for Long Range Protection
    The Platinum360 boasts revolutionary improvements that instill a sense of trust, ensuring you have the most advanced speeding ticket protection system at your disposal.

    • The new LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) radar receiver technology increases sensitivity and range.
    • By incorporating a more powerful CPU, the system’s responsiveness can be enhanced, and it can provide greater customization capabilities.
    • Three I/O ports for current integration and future system expansion.
  • Directional Awareness
    The Platinum360 boasts front and rear LNA radar receivers, which offer maximum directional range and sensitivity, alongside custom-installed alert LEDs and a concealed speaker. This advanced system alerts drivers to the specific band of police radar in use and indicates the direction of the potential threat, whether it’s coming from the front or the back.
  • OEM-like Custom Installation
    The Platinum360 system seamlessly preserves your vehicle’s interior factory appearance with strategically positioned directional LED lights and a concealed speaker controlled by a wireless remote (or optional hard-wired Expert Control), ensuring that the system remains undetectable until you require it. Additionally, the system comes with RDD (radar detector) protection, meaning that you can drive with confidence and without the risk of receiving tickets even from law enforcement.
  • GPS Features
    The Platinum 360 offers you fully customizable GPS technology features such as:

    • Mark to Mute – With a simple push of the MM button on your remote control, you can mute the audible warnings of false, non-police radar locations that you regularly travel past.
    • Mark to Alert – Mark locations to alert such as dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red-light cameras by pressing the MA button.
    • Speed Monitor –By pressing the MA button, you can mark locations as alerts for dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red-light cameras.
    • Quiet Ride – By default, the system mutes all alerts when driving at or near the posted speed limit (which is set to 20 mph).
    • Auto Filter – The sensitivity of the device adjusts automatically to the optimal setting depending on your vehicle’s speed, providing a “set it and forget it” option that ensures you always have the appropriate level of protection, with less sensitivity at lower speeds resulting in fewer false alarms, and increased sensitivity at higher speeds allowing you more time to decelerate and avoid getting a ticket.
  • Advanced Filtering
    Introducing the Platinum360, the ultimate radar and laser defense system of today. Equipped with cutting-edge filtering technology, it operates with unparalleled quietness and dependability, setting a new standard in the market. Experience peace of mind on the road like never before with the Platinum360 by your side.

    • K-Band Filter – This sentence can be paraphrased as follows: The system automatically filters out inaccurate alerts that may be generated by radar-based safety features, such as Collision Avoidance and Lane Departure Warnings, from both your own vehicle and other vehicles.
    • Traffic Sensor Filter – One common occurrence during driving on highways is encountering alerts from traffic flow sensors. However, it is not unusual for vehicles to disregard or reject these alerts.
    • Ka-Band Filter – The feature allows for the filtering of non-police Ka-Band radar signals, such as satellite broadcast bands and other radar detectors.
  • Radar Band Selectivity
    Introducing the new feature on the Platinum360 – the ability to select specific band frequency ranges for alerts. With this option, you have the power to customize your radar detector’s alerts, ensuring you only receive alerts for the specific frequency ranges you choose. By honing in on the frequencies used exclusively by police radar guns, you can enjoy a quieter and more focused driving experience. Upgrade your driving safety with the Platinum360’s advanced customization options.

    • K-Band Narrow/Wide/Extended – The system enables you to adjust the frequency range of K-Band radar signals that are scanned and flagged for alerts according to your preferences.
    • Ka-Band Narrow/Wide – One can adjust the frequency range of Ka-Band radar signals that their system scans and sends alerts for, allowing for customization.
  • Integration-ready Custom-installed Radar Detector
    The Platinum360 offers seamless integration with the ADS Maestro RR interface, enabling you to enjoy a rich, interactive experience on your car’s infotainment display. Thanks to its compatibility with select Kenwood/JVC® radios, you can now control your audio system and access a range of multimedia features using the intuitive touch-screen interface of your Platinum360. Whether you’re looking to stream music, make hands-free calls, or navigate through your favorite apps, the Platinum360 has got you covered.
  • Optional K40 Laser Defuser® Protection
    If you want to avoid getting a speeding ticket, you might be interested in the Platinum360 device. This product is designed to make your vehicle invisible to police laser guns, with the help of Laser Defuser transponders. By using this technology, you can enjoy bumper-to-bumper protection against speeding tickets, giving you the ultimate peace of mind while you’re on the road.


Product subject to one or more of the following U.S. patents:

  • 7,298,248 B2
  • 5,001,777
  • RE39,038
  • RE40,653
  • RE41,905
  • Other patents pending.
  • Detects and alerts to every FCC-approved North American police radar frequency.
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