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K40 Platinum 100


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K40-100RC Platinum100 Portable Radar And Laser Detector With Remote

Introducing the Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector from K40 Electronics – where safety on the road is just as important as ticket-free performance. With the Platinum100, you can now experience a new level of convenience as you have the option to control your device using a handheld remote control or a professionally installed expert controller.

This innovative feature allows you to customize and manage your radar detector while keeping your focus on the road. Plus, the Platinum100 can easily connect to your professionally installed Laser Defusers, providing you with complete protection from laser speeding tickets and audible and visual alerts through your device. You can be confident that the Platinum100 will always alert you when you are being targeted by and jamming police lasers.

At K40 Electronics, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and features that set us apart from the competition. With our Platinum100, you can trust that you’ll always be safe and ticket-free on the road. To learn more about this amazing device and its functions, keep reading below. K40 Electronics guarantees ticket-free driving with the Platinum100.

Platinum Performance With Optional Remote Control and Laser Defuser Confidence.

K40 is a company that not only offers top-notch Ticket-Free performance but also prioritizes your safety. They have introduced a groundbreaking feature that allows you to control your portable radar and laser detector with either a handheld remote or a professionally installed expert controller. This means that you can customize and manage your radar detector without taking your eyes off the road.

Additionally, K40’s Platinum100 portable radar and laser detector is compatible with Laser Defusers that can be professionally installed for maximum protection against laser speeding tickets. This device provides audible and visual alerts, so you’ll always be aware of when a police laser is being targeted at you and you can quickly take action.

The Platinum100 is packed with features that cater to your unique needs and preferences. It is designed to provide ultimate portable speeding ticket protection and give you control over when and where you receive police radar and laser alerts. K40 ensures that you are ready to hit the road as soon as you receive your Platinum100, as it is pre-programmed for optimal protection for most drivers. You can also customize features according to your specific driver preferences.

In conclusion, K40 Electronics offers a Ticket-Free Guaranteed product that is ideal for drivers who prioritize safety and convenience on the road. With its innovative features and functions, the Platinum100 is a top-of-the-line portable radar and laser detector that provides unparalleled protection and puts you in control.


The Latest Technology for Long Range Protection

The Platinum100 boasts a range of engineering enhancements that are designed to instill unwavering confidence in the driver, ensuring that you have access to the most advanced speeding ticket protection available in the market today.
New LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) The radar receiver technology enhances both the range and sensitivity.
“By upgrading to a more powerful CPU, you can achieve a more responsive system and gain greater customization options.”
“USB updateable for future expansion” is already a complete sentence. However, if you would like a revised sentence that conveys the same meaning, you could say: “This device is designed to be USB updateable, allowing for future expansion.”

GPS Features:

The Platinum100 provides you with fully customizable GPS technology features such as:

Mark to Mute –To silence audible alerts for non-police radar spots you frequently drive by, simply press the MM button on your remote control.
Mark to Alert –By pressing the MA button on your remote control, you can mark locations such as dangerous intersections, speed traps, school zones, and red-light cameras as alerts.
Speed Monitor –By keeping your eyes on the road, you can monitor your speed and receive an alert if you surpass your chosen speed limit.
Quiet Ride –By muting all alerts under a pre-selected speed, the feature eliminates any alerts that may arise when you are driving at or near the posted speed limit, which is set at 20 mph by default.
Auto Filter –The sensitivity of the system is automatically adjusted to the optimal setting depending on the speed of your vehicle, providing a “set it and forget it” option that ensures you have the appropriate level of protection at all times. With lower sensitivity at lower speeds, there are fewer false alerts and higher sensitivity at higher speeds allows for more time to slow down, resulting in increased safety.

Advanced Filtering:

The Platinum100 is equipped with cutting-edge filtering technology, which makes it the most reliable and noise-free radar and laser detector presently obtainable.

K-Band Filter –This sentence cannot be split into two independent sentences without modifying it or adding conjunctions. However, it can be rephrased as follows: “False alerts from radar-based safety features like Collision Avoidance and Lane Departure Warning from other vehicles (including your own) are automatically rejected.”
Traffic Sensor Filter –Alerts from traffic flow sensors encountered during highway driving are typically rejected.
Ka-Band Filter –This feature allows for the filtering out of non-police Ka-Band radar signals, such as other radar detectors and satellite broadcast bands.

Radar Band Selectivity:

You can select certain band frequency ranges with the Platinum100 to receive alerts for. By focusing on the frequency ranges exclusive to a police officer’s radar gun, you can further reduce the drive’s noise.

K-Band Narrow/Wide/Extended –You have the ability to customize the frequency range of K-Band radar signals that your system scans and sends alerts for.
Ka-Band Narrow/Wide –”You can customize the frequency range of Ka-Band radar signals that your system scans and alerts for.”

Optional K40 Laser Defuser® Protection:

The Platinum100 device enables you to connect your professionally installed Laser Defusers, providing you with audible and visual alerts on your Platinum100 display, allowing you to become undetectable to police laser guns and effectively counteract them.

Wireless or Hardwired Remote Control:

The Platinum100, the first portable radar detector designed to prioritize your safety, offers the option of remote control for convenient operation. You can choose to purchase the Platinum100 with or without a hand-held remote control, or you can opt for a hard-wired, back-lit, Expert remote control by placing a special order and having your retailer customize its installation into your vehicle.


Product subject to one or more of the following U.S. patents:

7,298,248 B2
Other patents are pending.
Detects and alerts to every FCC-approved North American police radar frequency.

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