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Despite the abundance of products available for the new Wranglers in the aftermarket, including headlights, no brand has been able to deliver a replacement for the OEM headlights that truly lives up to expectations. The Morimoto Sealed7 headlights, however, are the ultimate solution that every JL/JT owner has been anticipating, providing unmatched style, performance, features, quality, and compatibility. With these headlights, you can finally upgrade your vehicle’s lighting to a level that meets your standards and exceeds your expectations.


The Sealed7 headlight features powerful LEDs from the 4Banger offroad LED pods (specifically, Nichia NCSW170) that operate both low and high-beam optics. These LEDs, combined with Morimoto’s advanced Kuria Optic projector lens, resulting in a well-distributed beam pattern of approximately 3000 lumens when used with left-hand drive vehicles. In high beam mode, all optics work together, creating an intensified output of nearly 4000 lumens, capable of melting mosquitoes!


The four-corner quad-optic configuration functions as both a high-intensity white daytime running light and a switchback turn signal, which complements the blinkers situated in the lower grille. When the turn signal is activated, the switchback mechanism will momentarily interrupt the white DRL, causing it to flash, before reverting to its previous white color once the signal has ended. Setting up this feature on your Wrangler is also straightforward, thanks to the 3-wire DRL/Signal input, which can be connected to the turn signals or parking lights in close proximity.


The Sealed7 Spec sheet is the epitome of quality, with no expense spared in its production. The core components are top-of-the-line Japanese LEDs from Nichia and Philips-Lumileds, ensuring excellent illumination. The UV-coated Polycarbonate lens is shatterproof and can withstand years of use without fading, offering long-lasting durability. The heavy-duty die-cast housings, which serve as a heat sink for the LEDs, exude precision and robustness. Additionally, a special anti-flicker LED driver is built into the headlight, enabling the LEDs to operate optimally even when the headlight circuit in later model JKs provides an inconsistent power supply.


Morimoto is the ultimate benchmark when it comes to aftermarket lighting upgrades for vehicles. Our brand is globally recognized for its unparalleled blend of performance, quality, and style. With a wide range of products, we cover the most popular trucks and cars available in the market. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, trust us to create it for you. At Morimoto, we take pride in offering off-the-shelf products as well as customized solutions designed exclusively for your needs. Our goal is to help you achieve the perfect balance of performance and aesthetics for your vehicle. So, whether you want to upgrade your existing lighting or design something entirely new, connect with us today and let us help you take your ride to the next level!






2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023

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