McGaughy's Black SS Suspension Lift Kits 50797


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McGaughy’s Black SS Suspension Lift Kits

“Now, that’s a truck!” McGaughy’s Black SS suspension lift kits give your rig a “real” lift. The kits are available for 6 to 10 in. of lift to boost your truck’s stance and your ego. The elite adjustability is possible with the included front struts and because McGaughy’s drops the cross member and differential a full 7 in. This keeps your CV axles’ angles, suspension geometry, and steering geometry at factory specifications. To keep these performance lifts looking good, they receive a durable, glossy black powder-coated finish. Plus, the front cross member is accented with highly polished stainless steel inlays. Install one of McGaughy’s SS lift kits, and the next time you hear, “Whoa, what a truck!” it will be referring to yours!

McGaughy’s SS suspension lift kits may include:

* Lift spindles
* Adjustable front struts or extenders
* Crossmembers
* Lower A-arm support rods
* Tie rods
* Sway bar drops and extenders
* Skid plate
* Fabricated lift blocks
* Bump stop extenders
* Brake line extenders
* Rear shocks or extenders
* U-bolts and necessary hardware


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