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K40 Defuser Optix Transponder LDO-LTS


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K40 LDO LTS Radar Defuser Optix Transponder

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Product Name K40 LDO LTS Radar Defuser Optix Transponder
Weight 2.0000
Width 5
Brand K40
Manufacturer Part Number LDO LTS
Product Type Radar Transponder
Condition New
Warranty 1 year

The K40 Laser Defusers™ is a reliable solution to protect against police laser speeding tickets. Laser guns are highly accurate and can quickly detect the speed of a vehicle without warning. However, K40 Electronics has been leading the laser defense industry since introducing Laser Defusers in 1994. Their products, including the LDO-LTS add-on transponder, are designed to provide dependable protection against the latest variable pulse rate (VPR) guns used by police.

K40 builds confidence and reliability into all their products, allowing drivers to travel without limits while knowing they are fully protected. The Laser Defuser Optix offers custom-installed laser speeding ticket protection with features specifically designed for your vehicle.

Don’t let a laser speeding ticket spoil your day; trust K40 to provide the best laser defense products on the market. The LDO-LTS is a powerful add-on transponder that works in tandem with the LDO Laser Defense System to provide complete defense against police laser speeding tickets. However, it’s important to note that the LDO-LTS cannot be used independently. With K40, you can hit the road with confidence as soon as your products are installed.

K40 Dual Defuser g5 Dual Defuser g5 w/Interface:

  • By integrating with any K40 remote radar system, all K40 Laser Defusers utilize a single warning display (instrument-mounted LED(s)) for both radar and laser alerts.
  • The Laser Defuser g5 transponder is equipped with five infrared laser detection diodes, ten laser jamming diodes that are powerful, and a fly-eye lens to improve its laser gun detection and protection capabilities.
  • License Plate Mount: The Laser Defuser g5 is strategically positioned by the license plate mount to provide a stealthy, OEM external appearance while being placed in the area where police laser gun operators are trained to target.
  • Only you Know You’re Protected: In states where the use of laser jammers is restricted, the Laser Defuser g5 is equipped with an important feature as it generates a commonly experienced error code on police laser guns.
  • Customized Placement: The Laser Defuser g5 transponder, which is weatherproof, can be detached from the license plate mount and installed in a customized location on the vehicle.
  • The in-vehicle sync interface is capable of activating up to four Laser Defuser g5 transponders at the same time, providing exceptional detection and jamming output for maximum coverage protection.
  • Three User-Selectable Transmit Modes Constant Transmit: A signal will be continuously transmitted by the Laser Defuser g5 throughout the entire duration of the laser encounter.
  • Pulse Transmit: After transmitting a signal for 10 seconds, the Laser Defuser g5 allows you to safely reduce your speed, and then it shuts off for 30 seconds. This process ensures that the laser-targeting police officer obtains a slower speed reading for your vehicle, without raising suspicion of “jamming,” which is prohibited when using laser jammers.
  • Receive Only:  For notification only. No signal will be emitted.

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