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Banks Monster-Ram Intake Elbow Upgrade for 13-18 Dodge 6.7L 42798-PC (red)


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SKU: BAN42798-B

Product Name: Banks Monster-Ram Intake System w/Fuel Line and Heater System Upgrade – 2013-2018 Dodge Cummins 6.7L (Red)
Manufacturer: Banks
Manufacturer Part #: 42798-PC
Black Diamond Unlimited Part #: BAN42798-PC
Fitment Notes: 2013-2018 Dodge Cummins 6.7L

Flows 936 cfm, a 122% increase over stock

The stock elbow and heater kill airflow into your engine. Get back all that power you lose and gain a more responsive, power-efficient engine. Improve airflow from the intercooler. Raise the boost without increasing back pressure at the turbine.

Retains all emissions equipment for 50-State compliance.

Monster-Ram 6.7L Power Difference

  • The stock horn has quite a boost loss at the same flow, so now with a better flowing horn virtually all the boost produced by the turbos can get to the valves

Fitment Note:

  • Accommodates emissions equipment for 50-State compliance
  • Emissions equipment must be retained
  • Add the Banks High-Flow Heater and Billet Intake Plate for optimal power

What it does

The Monster-Ram improves airflow from the intercooler. It flows 936 cfm (71.5 lbs/min) with Banks’ High-Flow Heater and Billet Intake Plate compared to stock’s 421 cfm (32.16 lbs/min).

Monster-Ram raises boost without increasing backpressure at the turbine. The result is a more responsive, power-efficient engine that offers even more headroom than stock for higher horsepower applications.

The complete system

Banks’ High-Flow Heater and Billet Intake Plate complete the perfect system. The High-Flow Heater allows for the removal of the restrictive stock heater grid plate. The new vertical coil-style heater provides the same functionality for cold starts as the stock grid heater but without obstructing airflow. Replacing the restrictive stock grid heater plate with the Banks High-Flow Intake Plate removes all obstructions and turbulence in the airflow path.

How it was designed

Utilizing the latest in CFD (computational fluid dynamics), tested on the flow bench, the dyno, and on-road, Monster-Ram is a beast that only Banks could have unleashed. A direct-replacement aluminum casting, Monster-Ram is instant power, performance, and acceleration gratification. The factory inlet elbow is cramped and angular to accommodate the path of the stock No. 1 fuel line. Banks Engineers designed a new No. 1 fuel line, allowing the Monster-Ram to flow more air without obstruction.


With four 1/8” NPT ports, perfect for temperature and pressure sensors, the sky’s the limit for data acquisition and expandability.

Beats the competition

Like all Banks products, the Monster-Ram was tested against all available competitors. It more than doubles the improvement over the closest competitor.

Banks Monster-Ram Intake System w/Fuel Line Features:

  • Raises boost without increasing turbine drive pressure
  • Larger and less restrictive than stock intake
  • Improves flow of oxygen-rich air into cylinders
  • Quicker throttle response
  • Optimizes air pressure and distribution
  • Outflows stock over 122%
  • 3-3/8 inch inlet
  • Four 1/8-inch NPT ports
  • Accommodates stock mounting points
  • Includes proprietary fuel line and all necessary hardware
  • Red powder coat finish

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018




6.7L Powerstroke

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