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STOCK DOWN: If you’ve already upped the ante with a lift, bigger tires, wider wheels, and more power, then it’s time to get rid of the stock lighting setup as well. The new Jeep JL is without a doubt the bigger, better, and more refined Wrangler for which we’ve been waiting a decade. These will undoubtedly be a welcome addition to the Wrangler aftermarket, as there are currently hundreds of JK options available but not the JL!

OPTIONS: You can now use the numerous headlight options that are available for the Wrangler JK on your JL! You can attach any 7-inch round LED headlight to your JL Wrangler using the brand-new adapter brackets from Morimoto! You can also use generics, JW Speaker, and other brands, though we recommend using them with the Morimoto Sealed7 2.0 or Super7. That’s your call!

FULLY CHANGABLE: Although similar products for the JL have already appeared, it is not surprising that they were first on the market. The other options don’t have any adjustment options, so you won’t be able to see clearly and avoid blinding oncoming traffic. That is not the case with the Jeep JL LED Headlight adapters from Morimoto. You can adjust everything vertically and horizontally!

PLAY N’ PLUG: Wiring is also simple! You will be able to plug and play with a set of LED headlights that use either H13 or H4 inputs thanks to the JL-specific adapters included in the brackets. You’d have to hack the stock wiring without that. Nope!

WELL-BUILT: The injection-molded ABS housing is durable enough to withstand trail abuse. For years, Morimoto has used this material to make brackets for other products like the XB LED Fog lights. These brackets have stood the test of time. We have no quality worries here.

TRUSTED: We’ve put in a lot of effort to get our killer reputation over the past decade. TRS has the best, most knowledgeable team of genuine enthusiasts to back it up, and car guys all over the world know that TRS carries the best selection of high-performance automotive and power sport lighting products on the internet at the best prices. You can bet that if we decide to sell it, we will have tested it on our own bikes, cars, and trucks. Do you require some suggestions for project components? Have a technical query? Comprehensive inquiry? Call us!





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